Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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The PhD program in Public Health, with a Biostatistics concentration trains graduates to help address the shortage of biostatisticians around the world.The demand for trained biostatisticians continues to increase as the world becomes more dependent on predictive data and numerical reasoning, particularly in health sciences research.

Environmental and global health

Environmental Health

The PhD program in Public Health, with an Environmental Health concentration prepares graduates to go on to work at universities, federal and state government agencies, health and environmental research firms, and non-profit local, national and international agencies.



The PhD program in Public Health, with an Epidemiology concentration is a research degree and is granted on evidence of general proficiency, distinctive attainment in epidemiology, and particularly on ability for independent investigation as demonstrated in a dissertation presenting original research with a high degree of literary skill.

Health Services Research, Management and Policy

Health Services Research

The PhD program in Public Health, with a Health Services Research concentration prepares individuals to help inform government officials, corporate leaders, clinicians, health plan managers and others making choices about complex health-related problems and issues.

environmenetal and global health

One Health

The PhD program in Public Health, with a One Health concentration is a research-oriented health degree that emphasizes working across public health, veterinary health, and environmental health disciplines to tackle difficult health problems.

social and behavioral sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

The PhD program in Public Health, with a Social and Behavioral Sciences concentration focuses on the application of behavioral and social science perspectives to research on contemporary health problems.